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Instructions Vizag Steel, JKSSB

 These are the steps to follow for VIZAG Steels , JKSSB

For Laptop Users Only

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Search For extensions in google
  3. Click on the following link as shown
  • Search For Single File HTML as shown

  • Click on the Single File Shown in red lines

  • Click on Add to Chrome

  • Now, Goto Your VIZAG response sheet URL
  • Click on Single File HTML as shown in following two images.


  1. kya rankiq upsi wale me fake html upload kr sakte hain

  2. Is equipercentile score dependent on accuracy of a candidate


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Instructions: Vizag Steel, JKSSB

 For Mobile Users Only Download the following app through play store: OPEN the download Manager after downloading Now, go to and Upload the HTML file and select the category.